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Why Differences Between The Vaccines Matter

Public-health officials are enthusiastic about the new, single-shot COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, despite its having a somewhat lower efficacy at preventing symptomatic illness than other available options.

What Fully Vaccinated Travelers Need To Know Before Planning A Trip

As coronavirus vaccinations ramp up in the United States, many grounded travelers are likely looking forward to planning their first fully vaccinated getaway—perhaps booking a long-awaited flight to visit family they haven’t seen since last year.

Nurses, The Heart Of Healthcare

Much like the human body, healthcare workers make up one unit made of many moving parts with some being less seen than others. However, nurses are truly the heart of the healthcare industry.

Is Nursing Board Discipline Getting More Aggressive?

Joe Flores, NP, JD, has been defending nurses against investigations by the Texas Board of Nursing for several years. Flores, a Corpus Christi attorney and part-time hospice care nurse practitioner, rarely turns away these clients. He feels it's important they have representation if they have a case.

Why Travel Nurses Saw The Worst Of The Pandemic.

Demand for roving nurses to fill health-care needs skyrocketed with covid-19 hospitalizations. In her nearly six years as a travel nurse, Charlotte Loyd has carved out a life of adventure: working in places like Nantucket and the U.S. Virgin Islands, taking long road trips to new assignments with family, vacationing abroad with friends in the same profession between contracts.

CDC: 78% Of People Hospitalized For Covid Were Overweight Or Obese

About 78% of people who have been hospitalized, needed a ventilator or died from Covid-19 have been overweight or obese, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a new study Monday.

The Vaccine Resisters

Right now, the public health of the United States depends upon giving away something extraordinarily valuable—the covid-19 vaccines. Doing so has been a challenge.

A Beloved Covid ICU Patient Turns To Comfort Care

Everyone loved Mrs. Maria. She was everyone’s mom, grandma, teacher. Maria grew up in poverty. Though her family was poor, she knew her parents and siblings loved her and loved each other. But the one thing she knew her passion was at was school. Every morning she couldn’t wait to go to school and learn more. And she knew one day she would be a teacher.

Today’s School Nurse: The Marginalized Child Speaks

Children are not the same. Today, we recognize that children know themselves when they are different. They may struggle with gender identity, a transient lifestyle, bullies, obesity, cultural diversity, violence in their homes, substance abuse, poverty, or mental/physical handicaps. These are the children who do not fit into our norm.