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What Happens When Nurses Are Hired Like Ubers

Shawnika Howell has been a nurse for 13 years, primarily in long-term care, but around the time of the winter 2021 COVID-19 surge, she decided to find some extra work through something new: an app called Clipboard.

66K Qualified BSN Applications Were Turned Away In 2022

At a time when registered nurses are going on strike to protest staffing shortages, thousands of applicants who want to enter or advance in the profession are being turned away from nursing schools.

Putting An End To The 'Doctor-Nurse Game'

Anyone with a doctorate degree should have the right to use the "doctor" title. In 1967, Leonard Stein, MD, coined the term "doctor-nurse game," which he described as clear agreement between doctors and nurses that their relationship was hierarchical and that physicians were superior.

Nurse Practitioner Convicted In $200 Million+ Medicare Scheme

A Miami-area nurse practitioner has been convicted of defrauding Medicare by submitting fraudulent claims for more than $200 million worth of unnecessary genetic testing and medical equipment, federal prosecutors announced.

California Makes RN License For Retired Nurses

Amid a shortage of nurses, California is turning to retirees to fill the gap. On Oct. 8, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation that creates a license for retired nurses, which allows them to volunteer with a limited scope of practice while waiving continuing education requirements.

Stroke Deaths Expected To Increase By 50% Globally By 2050

Stroke is the second most common cause of death worldwide, and researchers predict the number of stroke-related deaths to climb by 50% by 2050, according to a new report.

Taking Ozempic And Wegovy For Weight Loss? These Drugs Are Now Linked To Another Serious Health Condition

Researchers from the University of British Columbia, Canada tested the drugs. Those taking the weight loss jabs had a 3.67 higher risk of gastroparesis.