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The Lure Of Specialty Medicine Pulls Nurse Practitioners From Primary Care

For many patients, seeing a nurse practitioner has become a routine part of primary care, in which these “NPs” often perform the same tasks that patients have relied on doctors for.

Top 5 Reasons Why US Nurses Are Leaving Their Jobs

The seismic departures in the nursing workforce threaten to impair access and quality of care across the country. And these trends concerned health care leaders and policymakers even before the major disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Noncompete Crackdown Could Leave Most Nurses Out In The Cold

Many nurses are happy about the Federal Trade Commission’s new rule banning the use of noncompete agreements in employment contracts. But they are disappointed that it may not protect those who work for nonprofit hospitals and health care facilities, which provide most of the nation’s care and employ the largest number of medical professionals.

Behind The Spike In Colorectal Cancer Among Young Americans

Despite encouraging drops in overall colorectal cancer rates in the past 2 decades, one group stands out as an exception: Americans younger than 45. Colorectal cancer cases increased a whopping 333% among 15- to 19-year-olds and 185% among 20- to 24-year-olds from 1999 to 2020.

Adding Just A Few Ultraprocessed Foods To A Healthy Diet Raised Risk Of Cognitive Decline And Stroke, Study Says

Eating more ultraprocessed foods is linked to a higher risk of cognitive decline and stroke, even if a person is trying to adhere to a Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet or the MIND diet, a new study found.

Hospitals’ New Message For Patients: Stay Home

Hospitals want you to visit them less often. Empowered by Washington and armed with Covid-inspired health innovations, health executives are seeking to increasingly move care outside of the hospital — despite the seeming risk to their bottom line.

Breaking Free From Denial: Embracing The Truth

I understand it well. You persuade yourself that everything is fine. And then you persuade others that your marriage is perfect.