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Radonda Vaught Says Some System Practices Contributed To Fatal Mistake

During patient safety webinar, she advised clinicians to "slow down" to avoid deadly mistakes. With tears in her eyes, former Vanderbilt nurse RaDonda Vaught, who was criminally convicted of a 2017 drug error that resulted in a patient's death, enumerated the situations and system practices that led to her egregious mistake.

Why Nearly 8,000 Nurses Left Their Jobs

A new Penn Nursing study highlights the fact that health care employers could retain more nurses through solutions that enhance nurses’ work-life balance.

Recurrent UTI Patients Find Long-Term Ally In Oral Vaccine

Results from the first long-term follow-up study of an oral vaccine for recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) suggest that it “could be a gamechanger for UTI prevention,” according to consultant urologist Bob Yang, who co-led the trial.

Ex-FDA Chief: What You Can & Can't Eat Amid Bird Flu Outbreak

Americans are being urged to stay away from classic American dishes like steak and eggs and some desserts because there's a small risk of catching bird flu.

CDC: Nearly A Third Of Measles Cases Since 2020 Happened In The Past Three Months

Nearly a third of all U.S. measles cases in the past four years happened during a three-month stretch in 2024, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A Baby Had No Home After A Stay In The NICU. Her Nurses Adopted Her.

Nurses Taylor and Drew Deras doted on tiny and fragile baby Ella, one of their premature NICU patients who was born at 23 weeks, weighing just over a pound.

Nurse Accused Of Role In Million-Dollar Scheme To Defraud Medicare

A central Iowa nurse is accused of bilking taxpayers out of $1 million by prescribing unneeded Medicare-funded medical devices in return for kickbacks. In a newly filed civil lawsuit, the U.S. Department of Justice alleges that Ashley Brown, a state-licensed advanced registered nurse practitioner from Des Moines, participated in a scheme to defraud Medicare.