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Kentucky First State To Decriminalize Medical Errors

The legacy of the RaDonda Vaught case still looms over nursing profession. Kentucky has become the first state to decriminalize medical errors -- a move many medical associations support.

Empathy Exhaustion In Nursing

Empathy is beneficial for nurses and patients alike, but nurses who experience repeated, prolonged exposure to patients' trauma and suffering can develop empathy exhaustion (also known as empathy fatigue or compassion fatigue), which can have serious effects on the nurses' mental, emotional, and physical health.

There's No Doubt Bird Flu Has 'Pandemic Potential.' How Likely Is That Scenario?

As early as 1997, just a year after H5N1 was first discovered, there were warning signs this form of avian flu was capable of wreaking havoc far beyond birds.

Trust Nurses, Not AI: Clinicians Protest Hospital Use Of Artificial Intelligence

Clad in red shirts and holding signs reading, “Trust nurses, not AI,” hundreds of nurses from across California picketed outside on Monday to protest the use of artificial intelligence by the major hospital system—and the greater health care industry.

Burnout Isn't Going Away. These 3 'Microskills' Can Ease It.

62% of nurses are burned out. The irony is that the people who take an oath to care for sick people are themselves working in a system that fails to protect their health. We have learned the individual limitations of changing a complex work culture.

Spine Docs: What Not To Do If You Have Back Pain

An estimated 8% of American adults suffer from persistent or chronic back pain that limits their daily activities. Spine doctors have a very specific message for people walking around with back pain: Don’t push through.

Nurses Faced With Low Pay, High Cost Of Living. These Cities Are Worst

A variety of factors have contributed to the national nursing shortage that has affected the US over the past several years. One of these factors in particular is adequate pay, or lack thereof.

'Every Single Day, I've Watched Small Children Die': US Nurse Shares Heartbreaking Work In Gaza

Those are the words of Nurse Brenda Maldonado from Washington State, describing what she witnessed over the past two weeks. During that time, Maldonado said, she had been working in two of Gaza's main hospitals.

The Surprising Risk Of Ozempic No One Talks About & How To Fix It

Eight months ago, the mood in my therapy room shifted considerably. Clients who had been suffering from very low self-esteem were suddenly bounding in, filled with a new-found enthusiasm for life.