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We Need A System To Support Students Whose Placements Are Unsuitable

As I approach my final placement of my second year, I find myself reflecting on my journey so far. I have worked with district nurses, joined a respiratory ward, been part of a team on a care of older people ward, scrubbed into surgeries in theatre, enjoyed outpatient clinics, and supported adults with learning disabilities.

Why More Nurse Practitioners Are Heading Into Specialty Care

If nurse practitioners leave primary care, who’s left? If your doctor can’t see you now, maybe the nurse practitioner can.

Hair Loss Prevented By Blocking Ancient Biological Mechanism

A surprise result in a lab experiment has led to the discovery of an ancient biological stress pathway that can trigger cells to stop making what's needed to grow hair.

Drinking Alcohol Before Sleeping On Flights Presents Health Risk, Study Finds

German researchers have recommended avoiding alcohol on flights due to the increased health risks identified in a new study.

How 1 Hospital 'Ubered' In Extra Nurses And Recruited Them As Staffers

St. Louis-based SSM Health adopted a contract on-demand nursing model with workforce partner ShiftMed in 2023 to supplement gaps in staffing. Since then, the hospital has converted about 100 on-demand nurses into staff, said chief nursing officer Jennifer Garnica, RN, BSN.

CDC: Rare Drug-Resistant Flu Variant Identified In The US

A rare flu variant that has shown some resistance to the most commonly used antiviral treatment has been detected in at least two people in the United States, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Former ICU Nurse Is Arrested On Suspicion Of Replacing Fentanyl With Tap Water

A former intensive care unit nurse has been arrested for allegedly swapping patients' pain medication with tap water, police in Medford, Oregon, announced Thursday.