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Journal of Nursing

ISSN# 1940-6967
The Journal of Nursing is the foremost scholarly research journal in nursing. It is our flagship publication.

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Journal of Nursing - nursing journal

Journal of Advanced Practice Nursing

ISSN# 1940-5626
The Journal of Advanced Practice Nursing offers important research that serves the needs of advanced practice nurses everywhere.

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Journal of Advanced Practice Nursing - nursing journal

Nursing Today

ISSN# 1940-6975
Lively, entertaining, and sometimes very personal, Nursing Today  features articles with you in mind, today's nurse. Gain insight from others that share your profession.

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Nursing Today - nursing journal

Chronicle of Nursing

ISSN# 1940-5642
The Chronicle of Nursing features articles that will advance your knowledge of medical research and science, CN's approach is two-fold, to demystify and simplify.

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Chronicle of Nursing - nursing journal

American Nursing Review

ISSN# 1940-5634
The American Nursing Review features articles on the latest scientific and medical findings that affect nursing. It simplifies the concepts and theories of today's modern medicine.

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American Nursing Review - nursing journal

World News & Nursing Report

ISSN# 1940-6991
WNNR is a "must-read" for every registered nurse. It's simply the best way to stay informed about current news and global events.

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World News & Nursing Report - nursing journal

Intelligence Report

ISSN# 1940-7009
Intelligence Report sets its "crossfire" on terrorism, bioterrorism, the avian flu, global warming, XDR-TB and other potential health threats facing nurses.

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Intelligence Report - nursing journal

Nursing Shortage Update

ISSN# 1940-6983
The Nursing Shortage Update covers the nursing supply and demand, trending, models, forecasts, and examines how this will affect you and your nursing career.

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Nursing Shortage Update - nursing journal