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The American Society of Registered Nurses is committed to its members by offering awards, grants, fellowships, scholarships, graduate fellowships, education, conferences, journals, member benefits and other services that offer Nurses guidance, education, protection, and advocate for you as your voice.

Member Spotlight

Every month we will be spotlighting a Nurse on our new website. If you have an interesting story, anecdote, career path, or event that you want to share, or have friends that might want to be “Spotlighted”, be sure to tell them.

Please contact us and let us know. We’ll make it happen soon!

We look forward to spotlighting you!


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The American Society of Registered Nurses has been serving Nurses since 1974. We’re located in Sausalito, California. We offer an Honor Society, Scholarships, Journals, and we look forward to offering a free Virtual Hospital in the near future.

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Paid And Addiction Care In The ED

Paid And Addiction Care In The ED

ACEP21 Scientific Assembly

ACEP21 Scientific Assembly