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The American Society of Registered Nurses has over 180,000 members and offers awards, grants, fellowships, scholarships, graduate fellowships, education, conferences, journals, member benefits and other services for your education, protection, and to advocate for you.

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Katherine Casandra Sta Ana

I had an 18 months old patient last March 2023 in PICU. An he was admitted as a case of septic shock. He was severely ill, Intubated and Mechanically ventilated on High Frequency Ventilation, Inotropic support, with Chest tubes due to pneumothorax. He stayed with us for almost 3 months. He did recover and we were able to transfer him in the ward. and in June 2023, He and His mother came visit the PICU to gave thanks and gratitude for the care that he received in our unit. "As a nurse Seeing your patients return back to his/her optimum health gives a sense of happiness and fulfillment."

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The American Society of Registered Nurses has been serving Nurses since 1974. We’re located in Sausalito, California. We offer an Honor Society, Scholarships, Journals, and we look forward to offering a free Virtual Hospital in the near future.

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