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'A Quiet Growing Epidemic': Attacks On Healthcare Workers Have Continued For Years Unabated

Nurses and healthcare workers have been spotlighted as heroes throughout the pandemic, but they've been susceptible to workplace violence and abuse for years with little done to prevent it, a Dec. 10 investigation found.

Utah Designs Interim License To Use Nursing Students Against COVID-19

As hospitals fill up and health care workers become overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases, the state has created a temporary stop gap to help with a shortage of nurses.

Hospitals Can’t Survive Like This

The reports have come in from all across the country: Hospitals are filling up, especially in the Midwest, and they are running out of the staff they need to take care of patients.

Want A Covid Nurse? It'll Be $8,000/Week

A shortage of nurses means hospitals are paying high salaries to get the help they need. That threatens to shift the supply to more affluent areas.

US Hospitals Endure Growing Surge Of Patients With Dwindling Staff

More than 76,000 Americans are hospitalized, the highest number of the entire coronavirus pandemic, as healthcare workers battle severe burnout.

An Appeal To Retired Nurses: ‘We Need You’ As Ala. Confronts COVID-19 Related Nursing Scarcity

State hospitals pleaded to retired nurses to put back on their scrubs and head to work as the state faced a shortage of nurses with more COVID-19 patients in the hospital.


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