ASRN Awards

Recognizing Excellence in the Profession

Recognizing excellence in the profession is one of the most important activities of the American Society of Registered Nurses. In an effort to promote attention to exceptional achievement, the Society offers numerous awards for such achievement. Throughout the years these awards have played an important role in our lives and the lives of the recipients.

Description and Nominating Information:

Nominations for Awards to be presented at the next Annual Meeting are accepted throughout the year. Nominations should be submitted to: office [at]

I was nominated for an Outstanding Achievement Award in 2015 by my supervisor here when I was working two shifts. I had no idea they nominated me. I got a raise and a promotion the next month. I got a beautiful trophy and a certificate and have very fond memories. I’ve moved on now, but still remember how nice it felt. Thank you to everyone involved over there.

Terry Lee Allers