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UCLA Researchers Determine Toxicity Levels Of Alzheimer's Clusters In Brain

Scientists have long suspected that Alzheimer's disease is caused by plaques formed when the small protein amyloid-beta (Aβ) binds to itself in clusters and undergoes a chemical change, creating protein deposits in the brain.

However, recent studies have suggested it is not the plaques that cause Alzheimer's but the small, grape-like clusters of Aβ.


Give Travel Nursing A Try

Feel like spending a winter under the sunny skies of southern California, or experiencing the "big city" life of San Francisco, New York or Chicago? How about skiing the wintry slopes of Colorado or Vermont?

Each of these options may sound like a dream vacation, but it could become your daily reality if you choose to become a traveling nurse.


Ibuprofen May Be Better Than Prescription For Kids With Breaks

Kids with a broken arm do better on a simple over-the-counter painkiller than on a more powerful prescription combination that includes a narcotic, a surprising study finds.

It tested ibuprofen, sold as Advil, Motrin and other brands, against acetaminophen plus codeine — a combo called Tylenol No. 3 that is also sold in generic form.


'Macho' Men Visit Doctor Less

It's no secret that men don't like to go to the doctor, but new research finds they're especially likely to stay home if they're big on being macho. 

Middle-aged men who are most devoted to traditional beliefs about masculinity are half as likely as other men to get routine medical care, researchers report.

1 In 5 Teens Share Prescriptions

About 20% of U.S. teens exchange prescription drugs such as antibiotics and allergy medications with friends, a practice that can be dangerous and potentially deadly, warns a new study. 

For example, a teen who's taking the acne medication Accutane — which has been linked to birth defects — may give some to a friend who is pregnant but doesn't yet realize it, the researchers said.


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