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A Question of Ethics

Ethics are a branch of philosophy that focuses on the moral life. It is the method used to understand and examine such things as social customs, norms and rules that help define right and wrong. Ethics are not absolute; they do not have clear answers. They must adjust to cover ever-changing social and cultural contexts and are influenced by individual and cultural morals. Laws are guided by society norms and morals that define the culture?s perceptions of right and wrong. Ethics are generally the basis of right and wrong which guides the formation of societal law.

Contraceptive Update

While it may not seem immediately applicable for emergency room nurses or geriatric nurses, a working knowledge of contraceptive technology is useful. When a daughter?s friend asks candidly about contraception, you want to be able to offer her accurate, up-to-date information.

Calcium: Helping Bones but Hurting Hearts?

Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by the weakening of bone density. It affects large numbers of post-menopausal women worldwide. To combat this debilitating decline in bone health, nurses have consistently recommended supplemental calcium for their pre and post-menopausal patients. Because post-fracture outcomes in older adults are generally poor, the maintenance of bone density via supplemental calcium has been viewed as a means of preserving overall health into later life.

Answering Health Questions about Food Cloning

With the recent media hype surrounding the US government announcement on January 15, 2008 that food, including meat and milk products, from cloned animals and their offspring are safe for human consumption, nurses may face health questions from concerned patients looking to separate fact from fiction.

U.S. Ranks Last in Study of Preventable Deaths in Industrialized Countries

Michael Moore?s documented it in his 2007 film ?Sicko?. The 2008 presidential candidates expend copious airtime talking about it. But the truth is that we all know the U.S. health care system needs a serious overhaul.


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