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Falls and the Elderly: The Culprit Might Be in the Medicine Cabinet

As a result of altered visual, perceptive, and physical capabilities, older adults are more likely than younger patient groups to sustain debilitating falls in the home. For people over age 65, falls often lead to injuries, prolonged hospital stays, or, in the most severe cases, deaths

Herpes: Just the Facts

There are few diagnoses that carry as much stigma with as few long-term health consequences as herpes simplex virus. Considered an

Beyond Low-Fat: New Study Finds Mediterranean and Low-Carbohydrate Diets Equally Effective for Weight Loss

According to leading nutrition experts, the best diet for weight loss and overall health is a diet low in total fat. Low-fat diets have long been considered the gold standard for both weight loss and general health.

Enjoy the Outdoors, But Watch Out for Ticks

Connecticut natives have much to be proud of - we are the home of the Constitution and the hamburger. We are also, unfortunately, the birthplace of the country

Should We Still Recommend Self-Breast Exams For Our Patients?

In an effort to detect breast cancer early, most women's health care providers stress the role of the self breast exam, or SBE.


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