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Gallup: Nurses Still The Most Trusted Profession, Doctors Fall To 5th

Nurses remained the most trusted profession in the U.S., while medical doctors dropped to the fifth spot, according to the 2023 Honesty and Ethics poll.

TikTokers Are Stealing Nurses’ Photos To Peddle Pills & Powders

Healthcare workers’ selfies are being used to sell unproven medical treatments to the app’s enormous global audience. And in the Wild West of loosely regulated supplements, many brands are profiting.

Study: 'Pandemic Babies' Show 2 'Fascinating' Biological Changes

Babies born during pandemic-era lockdowns have an altered gut microbiome. Only 17% of infants born during lockdown needed antibiotics by one year of age.

How A Part-Time LPN Made $216K Last Year

The Nathaniel Witherell, the short-term disability care facility owned and operated by the town, is short on nursing staff.

Surviving My Nephrectomy Nightmare: The Night I’ll Never Forget

My first post-op night after my nephrectomy was a mix of fantastical and almost devastating. I woke up in the PACU after my surgery, extremely confused and disoriented. I felt like I was trapped inside a video game, desperately trying to escape.

Unmasking A Nurse's Journey Through Long Covid Gaslighting

The first weekend of February 2020 was Super Bowl weekend. I remember it was an unusually mild weekend, sunny and warm compared to our normally frigid and snowy winter weather.

As Covid Spread, A Strain Of Flu Disappeared. Now More Could Go Too

Pandemic restrictions led to eradication of Yamagata strain. Researchers now see potential to rid world of type B flu virus.