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I Feel Like A Criminal For Quitting: Nurses In The US Fight ‘Stay Or Pay Agreements

Training repayment agreement provisions (trap) are contracts employers require workers to sign before beginning a job and stipulate that if a worker leaves the job before a specified time, they owe substantial fees.

Covid-19 Variant Jn.1 Symptoms: Is Pirola Different From Other Omicron Spawn?

Covid wastewater levels are trending steeply upward in the U.S. It may leave you wondering if your winter illness is because of humanity’s newest scourge or something different entirely.

Three Convicted In Fake Nursing Diploma Scheme

Following a 3-week trial, three key players have been convicted by a federal jury in South Florida for their role in a scheme to sell fake diplomas that provided a shortcut to licensure for aspiring nurses, federal prosecutors announced late last week.

LPNs Make Hospital Comeback

The primary places of practice for licensed practical nurses are often outpatient clinics, nursing homes and other ambulatory care settings. Throughout the past few years, however, LPNs have made a hospital comeback...

Living With Pets, Others May Slow The Decline Of Cognitive Skills In Older Adults

A large British study suggests that living with others, whether another person, or even a pet, may slow down the decline in cognitive skills that tends to come as people age.

What Meaningful Recognition Looks Like For Nurses

A plethora of research has linked a favorable work environment to less turnover and higher job satisfaction, recognizing nurses' contributions to their organization is a key pillar for maintaining a healthy work environment.

What Makes Nursing A Dream Career

Nursing is not just a job; it's a dream career that offers numerous benefits and opportunities. If you are currently considering a career in nursing, you're on the right track.