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Hospitals Think Some Dead Patients Are Alive

Neil Wenger, a professor of medicine at UCLA, was researching different ways of encouraging patients to make end-of-life care plans when he discovered something troubling — hundreds of patients who were seriously ill, according to the health system’s records, were actually dead.

Nurse Wins $41.49M In Employer-Retaliation Suit

A jury has awarded $41.49 million to a former nurse who said that her hospital employer retaliated against her for complaining about patient safety and quality of care and fired her in 2019 over a minor policy violation.

The 5 Germiest Places On A Plane

Planes seem grosser than ever. Remember diarrhea-gate this fall? If you want to avoid disembarking with one of this season's bugs, these are the spots to avoid.

When Will The Nursing Shortage End?

The nursing shortage has impacted nearly every region in the US. Nurses across the country have gone on strike to protest high staff-to-patient ratios resulting from the nursing shortages.

CDC: New Covid Variant JN.1 ‘Better At Evading Our Immune Systems,’

Two new immune-evasive coronavirus variants are now responsible for more than half of the COVID-19 cases in the United States, contributing to a wave of infections just ahead of the holidays.

Poison Control Calls Jump 1,500% Due To Ozempic Overdoses

For the millions of Americans desperate to lose weight, semaglutide drugs like Ozempic have been a dream come true. But for poison control centers, the popularity of semaglutide has been a nightmare.

From ICU To Kidney Mass: A Nurse’s Journey Of Fear

After 32 years working as an ICU nurse, I believed I had developed a strong capacity to confront death alongside my patients. I had become accustomed to the challenging scenarios...


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