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All Signs Point To A Rise In Covid

Covid hospitalizations, deaths and wastewater data β€” among other indicators β€” are all increasing as the U.S. heads into fall. Signs in the U.S. continue to point to a rise in Covid activity as fall approaches.

30 Least Stressful Nursing Jobs That Pay Well

Postpartum care nurses were ranked the least stressful job that paid the best, according to an independent education website, that used factors such as staffing levels, administrative demand, support and safety conditions to determine some of the nursing jobs with the least stress.

I Was A Nurse At Burning Man. The Rumors Were Wrong

I volunteered my medical expertise as a registered nurse for four years to help burners during Burning Man 2023. I really enjoy being at Burning Man and assisting burners with their medical needs.

Depressed ER Nurse Who Gave Patients Hep C, Finally Charged

Washington State nurse Cora Weberg tampered with hospital drugs β€œin the grips of her depression,” her lawyer said.

The Most Dangerous Places To Work In Healthcare

Two of the 10 most dangerous job sectors in America belong to the healthcare industry. That fraction comes from a recent analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data by a law firm, that focuses on personal injury and wrongful death suits.

CDC: Beware Flesh-Eating Bacteria In Hurricane Idalia Floodwaters

People who value their flesh are being warned to steer clear of Hurricane Idalia floodwaters in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.

NIH Study: N95 Masks May Expose Wearers To Toxic Compounds Linked To Seizures, Cancer

A study published in April found disposable masks can have toxic chemicals. Experts said this could make newly instated mask mandates ineffective.