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Why Workplace Violence Is So Pervasive In Health Care

Word spread through an Oregon hospital last month that a visitor was causing trouble in the maternity ward, and nurses were warned the man might try to abduct his partner’s newborn.

Shouldn't Nurses Run The Business Of Healthcare?

We need more nurses on the front line, but we also need them leading change in business. I started out as a nurse because I was more interested in people than numbers.

Nurse Burnout: ‘Urgent Action’ Need To Stop Staff Exodus

For much of his life, Justin Cooper’s mother was his caregiver. But she was recently hospitalized, and Cooper, who is 41 and has muscular dystrophy, can’t find enough home health aides to fill the void.

Meet ‘Eris,’ A Leading US Variant Driving Up Infections And Hospitalizations This Summer

A new family of COVID variants is on the rise in the U.S. and abroad—one experts say is likely responsible for a rising tide of infections and hospitalizations.

Are 24-Hour Helplines Sending More Patients To The Hospital?

More large insurers appear to be using 24-hour helplines to provide patients with clinical advice, but they may serve only to send more patients to the emergency room unnecessarily, Fred Pelzman, MD, wrote in an opinion piece.

Nursing Diploma Mill Leader Sentenced To Nearly 2 Years

The former owner of a South Florida nursing school at the heart of a federal investigation into a multi-state fraud scheme awarding at least 7600 fake diplomas will have to serve nearly 2 years and repay millions.

The Hidden Harms Of CPR

The brutal procedure can save lives, but only in particular cases. Why has it become a default treatment?

50% Of New Nurses Plan On Transitioning Out Of Field To Pursue Side Hustle

A survey of more than 1,300 U.S. nurses found about 50 percent have side hustles outside of nursing to earn extra income — and many of them plan on making side gigs their full-time job, according to newly released findings.