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MN Lets Nurses Work While Disciplinary Probes Drag On. Patients Keep Getting Hurt.

A 2015 state audit found the Minnesota Board of Nursing was slow to act on complaints about nurses, putting the public at risk. The board ramped up its discipline for a few years, but now cases are backing up again.

Study: The Key To Living Beyond 100 Is Lots Of Exposure To Infections

It might sound counterintuitive, but scientists say one key to living beyond 100 is plenty of experience fighting off infections.

Deadly, Fast-Spreading Fungal Infection Reaches Ohio Hospital, Nursing Home Patients

Candida auris, a drug-resistant fungal infection that spreads easily in hospitals and nursing homes, and can lead to death, is on the rise in Ohio.

Nurse Practitioner, Convicted of Opioid Distribution Conspiracy

A federal jury convicted a Tennessee nurse practitioner last week for illegally prescribing opioids – including oxycodone and fentanyl – from his medical practice.

Scientists Fear ‘Catastrophic’ COVID Combination With Another Virus

Scientists are calling for a universal vaccine after a Chinese study warned COVID could combine with the super-lethal MERS virus.

From Clocking In To Clocking Out: The Transition To Retirement

I now understand. As soon as I clocked out for the last time, I started to breathe again. The race, the rat race, everything is fast-paced and there’s no time to breathe when you’re in it.

Habit-Linked Brain Circuits Light Up In People With Eating Disorders

Brain scans of people with binge-eating disorder or bulimia show altered activity in areas linked to habit formation and hint at new possibilities for eating-disorder treatments.

Study: Kids Exposed To Awe-Inspiring Art, More Likely To Be Generous, Empathic Adults

Want to raise kind, generous kids? Take them to the art museum! The feeling of awe inspired by great art, it turns out, can be a humbling experience that encourages kids to help others, rather than focusing on their own needs.