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‘I Was Told To Return To Work As Soon As I Regained Consciousness.’ Why Only 1/3 Nurses Report Assaults To Police

Violence against nurses is pervasive. They are more likely to experience physical violence than any other health-care professionals.

The Nurse Specialties With The Highest Turnover

The National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Survey obtained data from 273 hospitals in 35 states. The survey covered registered nurse employment data from 202,502 nurses in 2022.

Survey: Most Nursing Students Don't Plan To Treat Patients

A majority of medical and nursing students said they view their studies as a "stepping-stone" to a broader non-patient-facing healthcare career, according to a global survey.

“The Pandemic Broke My Spirit”: A Day In The Life Of A Nurse In Kentucky

Christina, a licensed practical nurse in Louisville, Kentucky, spoke out after reading of a young Ohio nurse driven to suicide by the abusive conditions in the for-profit healthcare system.

Nurse Turned Billionaire: This Subway Heir Is One Of The Biggest Philanthropists You’ve Never Heard Of

Elisabeth DeLuca has already doled out $250 million of her fortune toward conservation and education and earmarked another $600 million to charitable foundations. With billions in cash expected from Subway’s pending sale, she appears poised to give away much more.

CDC: Congenital Syphilis Rates Exploded In Recent Years To Record High

There were 3,761 cases of congenital syphilis in 2022. This rise in cases led to 231 stillbirths and 51 infant deaths last year.

Rising Nurse Practitioner Burnout: Charting And Work-Life Balance

Nurse practitioner (NP) burnout is at an all-time high. Many nurse practitioners (and health care providers in general) are struggling right now, feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted.