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Nursing Profession Is ‘Beyond Burnout,’ And Needs Greater Attention

The healthcare system doesn’t have a sustainable model of nursing, says Chief Clinical Officer, Rebecca Love. And she’s trying to get more people to focus on the problems.

A Careless Misdiagnosis. A Death. A Lawsuit.

They loved long walks through the woods in California. They were sweethearts in high school through college. If they wanted to take a break from their walks, the dogs would gang up on them and insist on continuing.

The US Has Never Recorded This Many Positive Flu Tests In One Week

And health care systems are getting absolutely crushed ... again. This flu season’s ferocious start has given way to record-shattering levels of transmission — and massive strains on the American health system.

Stop Calling It The Good Cancer

“You have the good cancer.” These are the most common words that spill out of providers’ mouths to patients just being diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer.

Scientists Finally Know Why People Get More Colds And Flu In Winter

A chill is in the air, and you all know what that means — it’s time for cold and flu season, when it seems everyone you know is suddenly sneezing, sniffling or worse. It’s almost as if those pesky cold and flu germs whirl in with the first blast of winter weather.

Covid Can Live On These 5 Grocery Items For Days

At the height of the pandemic, Americans across the country were wiping down their groceries with antibacterial wipes for protection from Covid-19. And it turns out, we now know that doing so may not have been completely pointless.

TikTok Weight Loss Trend Triggers Diabetes Drug Shortage

Weight loss advice is everywhere you look on social media, but one trend sweeping TikTok has led to shortages of an important diabetes drug.

Strep A: The Usually Mild Infection Leading To Children’s Deaths

A rare, invasive form of a usually mild and common bacterial infection has killed several children in the United Kingdom in recent weeks, according to public health authorities, prompting alarm among parents and vulnerable adults.