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What's The Matter With For-Profit Nursing Programs?

Promise of a flexible nursing degree is sometimes too good to be true. For-profit nursing schools often market their programs to people working in low-level jobs, people looking to improve their life circumstances.

Hospital Understaffing, Poor Work Conditions Linked To Nurse Burnout And Quitting

A unique collaborative study on hospital clinician well-being by teams at 60 of the nation's best hospitals, defined by Magnet Hospital Recognition.

As Malaria Cases Tick Up In Florida, A Doctor Treating Patients Describes Their Symptoms

Florida health officials reported two additional cases of malaria on Thursday. Both were identified last week and neither was linked to travel outside the country.

Lawsuit Claims Nurse Injured In Mid-Surgery Explosion

A hospital worker says he was injured when a machine called a “spider” that moves a patients' extremities exploded during an operation, and he is suing the hospital for damages.

Scrubs To Riches: 3 Tips To Build Wealth For Nurses Even Without A Wild Salary

A California nurse recently went viral for claiming she made between $250,000 to $500,000 a year — and paid off her student loans — by the time she was 27.

Fertility Mystery: IVF Success Is Higher If Eggs Harvested In Summer

There's something about the seasons that seems to impact human reproduction for unknown reasons. A new study in Australia has found in vitro fertilization (IVF) is most successful when eggs are harvested in the summer.

Hospitals That Spent Big On Nurses During Pandemic, Now Cash-Strapped

Kaweah Health paid more than $200 an hour for nurses during the worst of the pandemic’s upheaval. Pay rates have eased, but the Visalia, Calif., health system’s financial struggles persist.

Life And Death In The ICU: A Night Of Heroism, Tragedy, And Budgetary Battles

ICU: Our acuities were high, and staffing was low. Our ICU, with 24 beds, was already full. The staffing situation for that night was so poor that instead of our RNs having a 2:1 patient-nurse ratio, we were forced into 3:1 assignments.

Nurse Survives Brutal Shark Attack On Vacation

A U.S. nurse survived a shark attack while on vacation in the Galapagos Islands. Delia Yriarte, a single mother and San Jose nurse, suffered a severe shark bite on her leg as she toured the islands 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador...