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The Fastest-Growing Role In US Is Paying Nurses $120K+

Over the past few years, one thing has become abundantly clear to most Americans: The United States needs more nurses. While the COVID-19 pandemic exposed how dire the situation is, there was already a shortage of nurses and health care workers, especially in certain parts of the country.

ER Doctor: RSV Surge in Kids Is 1000 Times Worse Than You Imagine

As respiratory viruses like RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) surge among young kids across the United States, many children's hospitals are overwhelmed by a deluge of patients filling up emergency rooms and hospital beds.

Survey: Half Of Nurses Consider Leaving The Profession

Half of nurses have considered leaving the nursing profession, according to recent polls. Staffing shortages were the top reason nurses cited for planning to leave their jobs, followed by needing better work-life balance, the survey out Tuesday said.

So What If Cry With My Patients?

Ashley, one of my colleagues, and I discussed whether or not a doctor, nurse, or other providers of care should cry or show emotion with a patient or client.

Proven Way To Beat Monster Covid Variants Won’t Work In US

Singapore and India both fought off the most highly evolved COVID variants yet, but the U.S. can’t match the way they did it.

14 Best White Shoes For Nurses & Nursing Students

When you think of being a nurse, the image of a nurse dressed all in white with the traditional white nurse’s hat, white nursing scrubs, and white nursing shoes might pop up.

It’s Not Just Severity—The Types Of Covid Symptoms You Get Depend On The Vaccines You’ve Received

Covid infections come with dozens of different potential symptoms, ranging from mild fatigue to strange ones like “Covid tongue. Which ones will you personally experience if you get infected soon?

Pfizer Releases More Data Indicating Omicron Boosters Are Better Than Old Covid Shots

People older than 55 who received the new booster had about four times more antibodies targeting omicron BA.5 than people who received the old vaccine, Pfizer said.