14 Best White Shoes For Nurses & Nursing Students


By Chaunie Brusie

When you think of being a nurse, the image of a nurse dressed all in white with the traditional white nurse’s hat, white nursing scrubs, and white nursing shoes might pop up. And while modern-day nurses know that all-white isn’t always the most practical color for working an actual bedside shift, the image of a nurse dressed in all-white still prevails.

In fact, some nursing schools and facilities even require white shoes for nurses to maintain that look of tradition and cleanliness. When choosing your nursing shoe, also keep in mind some of the features that you need to get through your shift. For instance, if you have special needs like a need for arch support or have plantar fasciitis, you’ll want to choose the appropriate footwear specifically for you. As a basic checklist all nurses will need shoes that have the following features:




-Shock absorbing


If you’re looking for the best white shoes for nurses, here are our top picks. From clogs to slip-ons footwear, we have comfortable and breathable shoe options that nurses need, while still rocking that white color.

1. Skechers Work Clog


If you’re looking for a clog nursing shoe, Skechers comes in clutch with this work clog. Not only are they incredibly sturdy, but they’re also waterproof and easy to wipe off when inevitable spills hit your feet. They’re slip-on and do have padded support, so if you have a high arch, you may want to double-check the fit before you wear them for a full shift. But on the flip side, if you do need arch support, many reviews mentioned that they offer a great deal of comfort and support.

2. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 Running Shoe

Starting at $33.95

I personally own these shoes and I can say that they really do feel like you’re wearing a cloud. They’re incredibly comfortable, and super lightweight while still being supportive, and the simple and classic Adidas design is very easy to wear with any required uniform. Look for sales if you’re on a budget, because this is a popular style that often gets discounted especially on Amazon. Reviews mention that they fit a bit on the narrower side, so you may want to size up, especially if you have wide feet.

3. Nike: Men’s Zoom Pulse White/Pure Platinum Medical Nurse Shoes

Starting at $61

You can’t get much better than a shoe designed by nurses and that’s exactly what the Zoom Pulse shoe promises: it was both designed and tested by real-life nurses. Features are designed around what busy nurses need on a shift, such as water-resistant material, pull-on and laceless design, extra air cushioning around the heel to keep you comfortable, and a reinforced toe for all of the sharp pivots you make (both literally and figuratively, am I right?).

4. Crocs: Unisex Adult Bistro Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes

Starting at $25.50

Crocs are a bit of a classic in the healthcare world and for good reason: they’re affordable, super sturdy and durable, and comfortable, and they offer the benefit of being both breathable and easy to clean. Just be sure to check that your facility allows Crocs before ordering, because not every work environment allows them. This particular version is closed-toe and body, but it’s still a good idea to check.

5. GALES Frontline Nurse Shoes


These Frontline shoes offer superior arch support and the unique feature of washable insoles for those of you who sweat on the job or just need a little refresh every now and then. Plus, they’re eco-friendly, made with partially recycled materials and can be wiped clean in seconds. Case in point? Good for you, good for the planet. The female version of this shoe offers the same great features with a little narrower fit and different sizes. Many reviews speak to the incredibly comfortable and supportive fit of this shoe, even for those who have foot problems that include neuropathy and foot spurs. Because nurses keep on nursin’.

6. BALA Twelves Flow White


If you’ve ever checked your sleeping patient successfully, charted your vitals, and then tried to sneak out of the room, only to have them be awakened by the immensely loud squeak of your shoe, you’ll know that these sneakers are an investment well worth it because they are designed with a No Squeak Sole. BALA designed these shoes with real nurses’ input and they feature both men and women's sizing, ample cushioning, fluid-resistant material, and a high traction bottom to keep you going. They do sell out frequently so keep checking their website for restocks.

7. Reebok: Women’s Princess Sneaker

Starting at $24

This classic shoe features an affordable price with the basics any nurse will need: a cushioned midsole, rubber traction, and a comfortable fit. Plus, it comes in wide sizing for people of all foot sizes.

8. New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12


Is it me or do the words “Fresh Foam” just sound refreshing on their own? This shoe is technically a running shoe, but if you’ve ever worn a step tracker at work, you know nurses are basically marathoners anyways. The running shoe features underfoot cushioning and midsole mapping that will literally make you lighter and more agile on your feet. Code Blues have nothing on you sprinting down the hall in these.

9. Dansko: Women’s LT Pro Clogs - Nursing & Medical Shoes

Starting at $84.95

We can’t get enough of clogs—they’re a favorite among healthcare workers for a reason and this pair may be especially helpful for people with plantar fasciitis (pro tip: stretch your heels and toes after your shift if you have this!) and people with wide feet.

10. Brooks: Levitate 4 L.E.

Starting at $44.99

Brooks is a well known running shoe company and these shoes are even more lightweight than ever. These sleek designed shoes have a removable cushioned footbed for added underfoot support and shock absorption

11. Hoka One One: Women’s Bondi SR Leather Trainers

Starting at $206.51

The first thing you probably will notice about this shoe is the intense amount of cushioning it has—and that translates into extra hours of comfort for nurses. It’s specifically designed for frontline workers, like service workers and healthcare heroes, with fluid-resistant leather, slip-resistant bottoms, and that beautiful cushioned inner layer (technically, an EVA midsole if you must know).

12. ASICS: Men’s Gel-Content SL Walking Shoes

Starting at $58.15

If you’re walking a lot, standing for long periods of time, or have foot or lower back problems (um, hi every nurse ever?), you’ll appreciate the extra comfort and supportive features this shoe has, like an internal heel counter, rearfoot gel technology and an AMPLIFOAM midsole.

13. Nurse Mates: Women’s Dove Slip Resistant Nursing Shoes


At first glance, these Nurse Mates’ shoes almost look like a big pair of socks and honestly, that’s a really good thing because they are just that comfortable. Technically speaking, they’re a slip-on clog shoe for nurses, but they also have some high-brow details, like leather uppers, 1.5 inches of heel cushioning, and to help you keep your whites bright, they are also stain-resistant.

14. Skechers: Women’s Go Walk Joy Sneaker

Starting at $26.97

Skechers’ Go Walk Joy is a great white shoe for nurses because it’s slip-on, comfortable, and machine-washable. If there are two words that can make a nurse get excited, it might just be machine-washable. I remember plenty of nights coming home from work when I had to slip my shoes off in the garage because there was no way I was bringing whatever I had stepped in that day into my house. There are many positive reviews from actual healthcare workers that speak to both the comfort and convenience of these shoes, and for under $50, they may be worth a try. And as an added bonus, if you want another color when you’re not on the job, this sneaker comes in a variety of colors.


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