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Stop Treating Nurses Like Selfless Mothers

Advocating for better working conditions is an especially challenging task for nurses, as they are battling a long history of sexism and false notions about the profession, Stephen Mihm, PhD, wrote in a recent op-ed.

Fauci: New Emerging Variant Could Drive Another Winter Surge

The United States' top infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci has warned that a new, more dangerous Covid variant could hit this winter.

All I Ever Wanted To Be Was A Nurse

I am a nurse. I am tired and defeated. Thursday, I went to work at 7 a.m. after the strike, only to want to leave as soon as I walked into the hospital. We were short-staffed … again.

I Was Allergic to Cats. Until Suddenly, I Wasn’t.

Of all the nicknames I have for my cat Calvin—Fluffernutter, Chonk-a-Donk, Fuzzy Lumpkin, Jerky McJerkface—Bumpus Maximus may be the most apt. Every night, when I crawl into bed, Calvin hops onto my pillow, purrs, and bonks his head affectionately against mine.

The Catch-22 Of The Nursing Shortage

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 200,000 registered nurse (RN) positions are projected to be vacant annually over the next decade. This prediction was made prior to the pandemic, which saw a multitude of nurses transition out of bedside care through retirement or just leave the field.

CDC: Record Numbers Of Children Hospitalized With Colds

More children and young people are being hospitalized with colds and respiratory problems than ever after the Covid pandemic, official data suggests.

New Study Says Antidepressant Use Is Safe During Pregnancy

New research has found that taking most common antidepressants during pregnancy isn’t linked to future behavioral or cognitive issues in children. The research is being applauded by mental health experts and ob/gyns, who say it can help expectant mothers make better decisions around their mental health care during pregnancy.

Study: Crohn's Disease Risk May Be Linked To Norovirus Infection

For people with a genetic mutation, exposure to the virus could trigger development of the autoimmune bowel disorder.