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An Intruder In The Brigham OR- How Did She Get There?

For several days, she roamed the halls of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, dressed in scrubs, asking questions at a lecture, attending patient rounds, and observing operations — even helping transport a patient to the recovery unit. The middle-aged woman said she was a doctor in training, but she was not.

'We Simply Don't Know': Egg Donors Face Uncertain Long-Term Risks

When Catherine Fonseca volunteered as an egg donor, the intake form asked for her SAT scores. It did not ask if she understood the long-term health implications of stimulating her ovaries to produce a bumper crop of eggs to be extracted and turned over to an infertile couple.

Yearly Medical Costs Linked To Tanning Beds Top $340 Million

Skin cancers caused by indoor tanning are responsible for $343 million a year in direct medical costs for U.S. patients, a recent study suggests.

The Best Places to Be a Nurse

Even though nursing is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the country, demand continues to outpace supply. Open positions outnumber qualified applicants by some 67%, according to new data released.

China H7N9 Avian Flu Toll At 460 Cases

The current wave of H7N9 avian flu in China is the largest yet and accounts for more than a third of the human cases recorded since the strain was identified in 2013, according to an official of the World Health Organization.

The 3 Questions Every Patient Should Ask Their Doctor

A new study shows that doctors are actually quite bad at estimating the benefit and harm associated with treatments they prescribe. It’s a wake-up call for doctors, but patients can also play a role in getting better treatment.

Sleeping 9+ Hours May Be Sign of Dementia

Sleeping for extended amounts of time may be an early indicator of cognitive decline in older people, especially among those with lower education levels, researchers report.


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