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Nurses Are Sick Of Being Treated Like Hotel Workers

“Compassion fatigue” is a phrase thrown around easily when talking about the health care professions. It is often spoken in the same breath as “burnout” and “turnover” while discussing the crisis of a diminishing workforce and increasing demand in health care.

20 US States With The Highest Percentage Of Unemployed RNs

Michigan, Florida and South Carolina had the highest percentages of unemployed registered nurses in 2018, according to a new HHS report.

Coronaviruses Can Remain On Surfaces For Up To 9 Days, Study Finds

Coronaviruses can persist on inanimate surfaces and remain infectious at room temperature for up to nine days, according to a study published Feb. 6.

Nurse Practitioners Are The Answer To Looming Physician Shortage

With a physician shortage in the U.S. likely in the next decade, nurse practitioners can help fill the gaps that will arise in patient care, two healthcare advocacy leaders wrote in an opinion piece.

Stressed Is Desserts Spelled Backward

Tiramisu, chocolate mousse, red velvet cake, freshly baked cookies, and warm brownies topped with ice cream. These are some of my favorite desserts and the things I start thinking about when I am under intense stress. I often gaze at the bakery section at the grocery store just to take a look when I feel overwhelmed with stress at work or home.

How A Housekeeper Became Chief Nursing Officer At St. Mary's In Missouri

Mike Hyde, chief nursing officer at SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital in Jefferson City, Mo., began his career nearly 30 years ago as the hospital's housekeeper.

Can You Get Pregnant While Pregnant? What To Know About Superfetation, According To Experts

For some people, finding out they’re pregnant with one baby is enough of a shock. But can you imagine finding out you’re pregnant with a second child…while you’re already pregnant with one? While that scenario sounds like something straight out of a movie, it's a real thing.


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