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What 7 ICU Nurses Want You To Know About The Battle Against Covid-19

They have been at this for almost a year. While politicians argued about masks, superspreader weddings made the news, a presidential election came and went, and at least 281,000 Americans died, nurses reported for work. We asked seven ICU nurses what it’s been like to care for the sickest covid patients. This is what they want you to know.

The Covid-19 Vaccine: When Will It Be Available for You?

First U.S. rollouts of doses could start in December, but health-care workers, older Americans likely to take priority over general population

How To Prep Your Dogs & Cats For Post-Pandemic Life

It might seem too soon to think about preparing pets for the time humans will return to offices and schools. After all, a coronavirus vaccine isn’t expected to be widely available until spring at the earliest, which means that most Americans who were sent home to work or study remotely will remain there for at least several more months.

Dear Families: We Are Strong, But We Are Tired

After 33 years as an ICU RN, I had finally decided I couldn’t do this anymore. It was my last nightshift. The last shift convinced me I had made the right decision.

One Person In The Room With You Has Covid-19. Here’s How Long It Takes To Get Infected.

MIT researchers have built a simple tool to give clear guidelines on indoor safety in the midst of a pandemic. Keep six feet of distance. Issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and adopted by many businesses, it’s the guideline that most of us have lived by during COVID-19.

Pregnancy-Linked Suicidality Growing, Usually Undetected

Researchers urge improved screening and support during and after pregnancy. Kara Zivin, PhD, MS, MA, has spent her entire career researching mental health disorders, but that doesn't make it any less difficult to talk about the near fatal overdose she experienced while pregnant with her son nearly a decade ago.

5 States With The Biggest Surge In ICU Nurse Demand

Demand for U.S. intensive care unit travel nurses has increased by 281.1 percent from March 1 to Nov. 16, according to recently published data.

How A Bidding War For Covid-19 Nurses Hurts The Pandemic Response

A shortage of nurses has turned hospital staffing into a cutthroat competition, but there are unintended consequences.

WHO: Here's The Type And Amount Of Exercise You Need

While we're all cooped up during the pandemic, the World Health Organization wants you to exercise. The organization released new physical activity guidelines recommending that adults get at least...