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Mentoring in Nursing
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ASRN recognizes the importance of mentoring for effective career development and professional integration. To this end, the ASRN Task Force on Mentoring has developed a Mentor Database to connect interested graduating students and young nurses (mentees) with faculty and professional experienced nurses (mentors) who are available for mentorship to counsel on matters of the profession.  In addition, ASRN has compiled a list of resources for both mentors and mentees to better prepare for this relationship.

Become an ASRN Mentor

The ASRN Task Force on Mentoring encourages professional members to sign up to act as mentors. The Task Force notes that that much of mentoring is an ongoing process of learning from friends and colleagues; and, in this regard, mentors may have as much to gain as those being mentored.

Information on experience nurses and faculty (mentors) willing to act as mentors is stored in the mentor database in the "Members-Only" section of the ASRN website. Mentees seeking a mentor can now go online to find available mentors, read a short biography, find areas in which the mentor has specialized experience to provide advice, and contact the mentor.

Specializations for Mentors

Although the nature of the mentoring will vary from case to case, we expect that mentors that have indicated their area of "specialization" will be prepared to address a wide variety of concerns and questions from mentees on a continuing basis.

Mentors may select from one of four areas of specializations in the database:

 Professional issues in the field.
 Issues related to various career aspects of the profession.
 Personal issues and coping skills.
 Issues facing the profession.