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A Nurse Is To A Patient What A Mother Is To A Child

I was on inpatient service and had already seen most of the patients on my list. I just had to see one more before I could call it a day and rush out just in time to take my daughter to her tennis lesson.

Study: Nurse Stress Linked To Medical Errors They Report

Critical care nurses' overall health is related to the number of medical errors they report, according to new research published May 1.

How A Zoom Nursing Interview Killed My Self-Worth

I have dedicated 35 years of my life as a nurse: in the ICU for 33 years and behavioral health/intensive management for the last two.

CDC Admits the Coronavirus Is Airborne, Can Be Transmitted More Than 6 Feet Away

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is finally acknowledging something that health experts have been saying for a while now: COVID-19 spreads through the air and can be inhaled by someone who is more than six feet away.

'A Broken System Can Only Run For So Long': Why 2 Nurses Left The Profession — And What Would Have Made Them Stay

Hospitals across the country are grappling with nurse shortages as the pandemic continues to change the healthcare system as we know it.

Anti-Maskers Ready To Start Masking—to Protect Themselves From The Vaccinated

An anti-vaccine conspiracy about the vaccinated are leading some anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers to contemplate wearing a mask and social distance.

‘Hard To Believe’: Scientists Alarmed By Covid’s Diabetes Link, Particularly In Children

When Ziyad Al-Aly’s research team told him how often diabetes appeared to strike Covid-19 survivors, he thought the data must be wrong, so he asked his five colleagues to crunch the numbers again.