How To Get College Student Stimulus Money

How To Get College Student Stimulus Money

  How To Get College Student Stimulus Money 

—Billions of dollars in student stimulus money has been set aside for scholars impacted by the coronavirus shutdown and it has not yet been utilized.  

—Only 1% of the $7 billion has been distributed because most students are unaware they are eligible to receive the money. 

—Financial aid startup Frank and education company Chegg have worked together to provide new online tools to simplify the application process.

—Called “The Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund”, it has given colleges leeway in dispersing aid to students, particularly Title-IV students Those that are eligible can access $500 to up to $5,000 of aid.

— order to receive aid, students must provide proof of either job loss or reduced hours or eligible expenses tied to food or travel that stemmed from coronavirus hardships. Most of the responsibility is left up to colleges to inform students in need about financial aid and distribute it

— something colleges have been negligent in doing. At present, aid is delivered on a first-come-first-served-basis.

Harvard University, and other large institutions, have refused [ HEERF funds], with promises to compensate students on any coronavirus-related expenses.

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