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Study: Pfizer Only 39% Effective Against Delta, Halts Severe Illness

Vaccine protects against hospitalization versus delta strain. Variant has been infecting vaccinated people across world.

Female Nurses At Extreme Risk For Suicide

New research highlights the need for improved support and targeted intervention. Female nurses are significantly more likely to die by suicide than male nurses, physicians, and women in the general population, according to a recent study.

CDC: Delta Variant Is One Of The Most Infectious Respiratory Diseases Known

The delta Covid variant is one of the most infectious respiratory diseases seen by experts. Currently, the more infectious strain makes up more than 83% of sequenced cases in the U.S.

FBI: 3 Nursing School Operators Accused Of Selling Fake Diplomas, Certificates

Three people are accused of selling fake nursing transcripts and diplomas, which were then used by several individuals to obtain medical licenses, according to a July 16 news release from the U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland.

An Actual Token Of Gratitude For Pandemic Drudgery: That's All?

For working through the pandemic, Banner Health employees received a token of the company's appreciation recently. But the commemorative coin that they couldn't take to the bank left some feeling fired up, given the risk, temporary job loss, and mental health issues healthcare workers endured.

The Common Cold Was Rare During 2020 — But It’s Having A Resurgence

Levels of influenza and other non-COVID-19 respiratory viruses were at historic lows during most of 2020, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Memories Of A Nurse’s Old Car

Today. Finally, a day off. I could oversleep, roll out of bed, then make a pot of coffee — and prepare for a “do nothing” day. But today is the day.

Mental Health Support In Preschool May Help Lower Sky-High Expulsion Rates

Kids in child care are expelled at three times the rate of older kids. Mental health consultants could help lower the rate — and stabilize the industry.