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Lucy Letby Was ‘Very Skilled In Brainwashing’ Colleagues

Reviewing lawyer speaks of Ms Letby ‘covering her tracks’ as the nurse is found guilty of seven murders and six attempted murders after nine-month trial.

What To Know About Covid Pirola: How New Lineage BA.2.86 Differs From Other Variants

The World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have announced another addition to their lists tracking variants of COVID-19 — and this one may be a little different.

The Happiest And The Unhappiest Nursing Jobs

Outpatient case managers and office nurses are some of the happiest in the field, while school nurses and hospital staff nurses are some of the unhappiest in the field due to understaffing and the pandemic.

Nurse Turned $500 Into $100 Million In Sales After Sharing Hair Routine On Youtube.

Courtney Adeleye sold $10 million worth of products out of her home within three years of launch.

“Yes And”: A Vital, Versatile, And Visionary Leadership Tool

Patient safety, patient experience, workforce health, and cost-effectiveness are critical outcomes that share important common roots. They are all impacted by our ability to communicate effectively and respectfully.

Getting A Vaccine: The Arm You Get The Shot In Matters

When it comes to vaccines, experts say it matters which arm you get the shot in. A new study specifically looked at COVID-19 vaccines, but researchers say it can still apply to other vaccinations as well.

Bully Nurse In ICU: A Shattered Moment For A Dying Patient

She was oil, and I was vinegar. We didn’t mix. Ever. Even though we wanted the best outcome for our ICU patients, we stood on opposite poles of the earth.