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Nurses: 'What I Wish I'd Known Before Entering The Profession'

With nearly two-thirds of nurses in the United States experiencing burnout — including 69% of those under 25 years of age, many in the industry are calling for change.

Nurse’s Invention May Save Millions Of Work Hours

Struggling to open safety-sealed pill packs for hundreds of patients, Veronica Pellegrino, R.N., a nurse on the orthopedic unit at UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center, quickly recognized – and set out to solve – a problem affecting the efficiency, comfort and safety of nurses everywhere.

Repeat COVID Jabs Shield Against Wide Range Of Viruses

People repeatedly vaccinated for COVID generate powerful antibodies that can fend off a variety of coronaviruses. Their antibodies fought off two Omicron variants, the SARS-1 virus and a coronavirus found in scaly anteaters.

Study: Being Pregnant Is Hard Work, Especially Calorie-Wise

Having a baby is energetically much more expensive than commonly thought, according to new research.

Covid Rising As New FliRT Subvariants Dominate

California may be headed to an earlier-than-normal start to the summer COVID-19 season, with coronavirus concentrations in sewage rising in some areas along with the statewide positive-test rate.

Sexual Orientation Among Female Nurses Tied To Premature Death

Across a large population of female nurses, those identifying as lesbian or bisexual had earlier mortality compared with their heterosexual counterparts, a prospective cohort study showed.

Ozempic: Patients Turning To Risky Sex, Gambling, Impulse Control Disorder

Slimmers were today warned that weight loss jabs could trigger and unexpected and bizarre side effect: reckless behavior. Game-changing injections such as Ozempic and Wegovy, hailed by the likes of Elon Musk and Jeremy Clarkson, are proven to help people shed up to 20 pounds.