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NPs Have the Best Job In Healthcare

Being a nurse practitioner (NP) is the best job in healthcare, and the physician assistant (PA) is a close second, according to 2024 healthcare job rankings.

1/5 US Hospital Deaths Are Result Of Doctor Errors, Study Finds

Nearly one in five US hospital deaths are caused by misdiagnoses, research shows. A study published last month examined 2019 medical records from nearly 2,500 patients in 29 different American hospitals.

Growing Up And Growing Apart: The Evolution Of Lifelong Friendships

It took four tries, but we synchronized the newest episode of Outlander perfectly. Just outside of Philadelphia, I’m watching the same scene in lockstep with my best friend, Corinne, one thousand miles away in St. Louis.

Nursing Exam Pass Rates Appear to Be Rising. Why?

During the first 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the share of candidates who passed the national licensure exam to work as a registered nurse fell sharply, from 88.2% to 82.5%, for first-time U.S.-educated candidates, with a smaller decline -- from 72.8% to 68.9% -- for all candidates, including internationally educated and repeat test-takers.

Students Caught In Nurse Degree Sham Were Encouraged To Test In Certain States, Officials Say

Investigators found students from an illegal nurse-licensing scheme were encouraged to take their national nurse board exam in states that allow unlimited attempts.

Colon Cancer Is Killing More Younger Men & Women Than Ever

Colorectal cancer is the deadliest cancer for men under age 50 — and the second deadliest cancer among women in the same age group, behind breast cancer.

The Nursing School With Highest NCLEX Pass Rate In Every State

Iowa, Kentucky, New Mexico and Wisconsin were the only states with nursing programs that had a perfect score.