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Highest-Paying Cities For Nurses In Every State

Bureau of Labor Statistics data was used to find the metro area in each state that paid nurses the highest wages. Rankings of metro areas were based on the dollar difference between a registered nurse's median annual salary and the median salary of all occupations in the area.

NICU Tragedy: How New Nurses’ Nail Choices Led To A Newborn’s Heartbreaking Fate

A small, cliquish bevy of nurses was working their way through orientation in the NICU straight out of nursing school. They were happy and thrilled to be accepted into this specialized nursing unit: the NICU.

To Combat Nursing Shortage, Universities Create Accelerated 12-Month Training Programs: 'A Win-Win'

America needs nurses — and some schools are implementing accelerated programs to train them. To shorten the process, these programs cut training time from up to four years down to one.

Why Arizona Could Soon Have The Nation's Worst Nursing Shortage

Arizona could have the worst nursing shortage crisis in the nation by 2025 with nearly 28,100 vacancies in roles needed to maintain normal levels of care, according to data from the National Center for Health Workforce Analysis.

Hospital Marriage Proposals: The Good, The Bad, The Helipad

Picture your marriage proposal fantasy. Do you see a beautiful beach at sunset? The place where you first met your partner? Maybe a dream vacation — Paris, anyone? And perhaps most popular of all…the ER?

Your Appendix Is Not, In Fact, Useless. This Anatomy Professor Explains

"I woke up feeling just a little bit nauseous, and I wasn't sure why. Throughout the course of the day, I started to feel worse and worse and started to develop pain in the abdomen," she says.

How Stress Could Make Cancer Spread

New research in mice may pinpoint how chronic stress can fuel the spread of cancer. The study found evidence that stress can induce changes to certain immune cells that inadvertently make it easier for cancer cells to metastasize and invade other parts of the body.