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Hospital Gave $100K Bonuses To Nurses For Retention. Did It Work?

Palomar Health realized it had a nurse retention problem as the system emerged from the pandemic. Like many health systems, Palomar relied on travel nurses to fill gaps as COVID-19 surged and the system felt the strain from nursing workforce shortages.

8 Nurses Sue Hospital, Claiming Retaliation & Wrongful Termination

Eight nurses fired by Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts filed a lawsuit against the hospital for wrongful termination, claiming the hospital retaliated against them for reporting unsafe conditions.

America’s Nurses Have PTSD: Will Anyone Listen To Them?

My first clinical rotation as a nursing student was on the same floor where my mother died of cancer. And my very first patient was a young Hispanic man with four children. I was asked to tell him that he had pancreatic cancer and very little time left.

Global Cancer Phenomenon: It's Not Just US, Mysterious Tumors In Young People Widespread

While cancer deaths in the US have actually fallen cases of some continue to rise. Between 1990 and 2019, cases of cancer in young people rose by 79 percent.

CDC Issues ‘Hospital-Tested Guide’ To Improving Nurse Burnout

The Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a guide to the nation’s hospital leaders as part of the first federal campaign to address health care worker burnout.

Human Brains Are Getting Larger. That May Be Good News For Dementia Risk

A new study finds brain size has steadily increased for people born after the 1930s. Study participants born in the 1970s had 6.6% larger brain volumes and almost 15% larger brain surface area than those born in the 1930s.

As US Tuberculosis Cases Multiply, Officials Sound Alarm

Tuberculosis cases are rising again in California, and health officials are urging those at higher risk, as well as doctors, to be alert for the disease, which can lurk in people’s bodies for years before becoming potentially deadly.

Recruitment Of Nurses From Global South Branded New Colonialism

The UK and other wealthy countries have been accused of adopting a “new form of colonialism” in recruiting huge numbers of nurses from poorer nations to fill their own staffing gaps.