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To Address The Nursing Faculty Shortage, Start With The Pay Gap

There is a national shortage of nursing faculty to educate the future nurse workforce. The biggest barrier to recruiting and retaining nursing faculty is the salary gap between the faculty and clinical nursing roles.

Nursing Doesn't Look So Glamorous On Tiktok, GenZ Is Noticing

Not only does the nursing profession have a shortage, but according to Gen Z social media users, the career path also has an image problem, a June 4 report from ShiftKey, a digital healthcare platform for providers, found.

The Best States for Nurses To Pursue Career Growth And Advancement

Working in one of the best states to be a nurse can make for a dynamic and rewarding profession that offers opportunities galore for career growth and advancement. The potential for professional development can vary significantly based on geographic location.

New Study Reveals Way to 'Significantly Reduce' Biological Age

A study that developed biological age clocks to predict a person's age, which may differ from chronological age, showed that a reduced-calorie diet among the trial participants caused a major reduction in biological aging.

Probiotics Emerge As Promising Intervention In Cirrhosis

Probiotics appear to be beneficial for patients with cirrhosis, showing a reversal of hepatic encephalopathy (HE), improvement in liver function measures, and regulation of gut dysbiosis, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis.

A Dangerous Nursing Shortage Must Be Addressed In Face Of 'Silver Tsunami'

In a post-COVID world, many industries and professions find themselves questioning the future. The problem for nursing is that this was a profession facing major struggles pre-pandemic.

Why Counterfeit Ozempic Is A Global-Growth Industry

The semaglutide weight-loss miracle has a dark side: As desperate patients contend with shortages and sky-high prices, a world of criminals and con artists are filling the void with life-threatening fakes.