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I Didn't Sign Up For Violence When I Became A Nurse

My son was 14 years old when he asked me if anyone had tried to kill me at work. He is grown now, so it is hard to remember whether, on that specific day, someone had pulled a weapon, punched me, or used some other means to try to end my life.

Aspirin Raises The Risk Of Brain Bleeds, May Not Prevent Strokes

Older people who take a low-dose aspirin daily may be 20 percent more likely to develop anemia than those who do not, according to research. Anemia develops when a person has an inadequate number of healthy red blood cells...

Nurse Practitioners Sue State Over Right To Use 'Doctor' Title

Three California nurse practitioners with doctorates (DNP) have sued the state over its law that only physicians can call themselves doctors, saying it violates their first amendment right to use the honorific title without fear of regulatory repercussions.

US Sees Biggest Rise In Covid Hospitalizations Since December

Weekly COVID-19 hospitalizations have risen by more than 10% across the country, according to new data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, marking the largest percent increase in this key indicator of the virus since December.

Does Nursing Need A Rebrand To Attract More Men?

A nursing background can lead to a myriad of job paths. That comes as no surprise to those already working in the profession, but there's an immense opportunity for healthcare organizations to do a better job at showcasing just how diverse the range of career options are...

76% Of Student Credits From Shuttered Nursing Program Found To Be Invalid

More than 3 of every 4 student credits from a Connecticut nursing program that was shutdown in February were determined to be invalid by an independent audit, according to the state's Office of Higher Education.

Patients Recall 'Torturous' IVF' Egg Retrieval After Nurse Steals Fentanyl, Swaps With Saline

Dozens of victims are suing a fertility clinic after undergoing a routine treatment without proper pain medicine due to a nurse stealing the clinic’s supply.

‘I Wish I Never Touched It’, Ozempic Users Report Stomach Paralysis As Weight Loss Drug Side Effect

A recent investigation has found that some Ozempic and Wegovy patients suffered from severe gastroparesis, also known as stomach paralysis, after taking the medications.