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How Thousands Of Nurses Got Licensed With Fake Degrees

There’s an old, but now fast growing degree mill industry doing an estimated $7 billion a year worldwide in fraudulent diplomas and transcripts.

Nurse Banks Millions After Side Hustle Goes Viral

One nurse has turned her side gig into an online empire after seeing shocking success on Etsy. E.R. nurse and popular TikTok content creator Stephanee Beggs on Monday discussed her "unintentional" success, explaining how she turned her 15 minutes of fame into a life-changing opportunity.

Zantac’s Maker Kept Quiet About Cancer Risks For 40 Years

The small British company was sometimes called Glaxo University, because it conducted important pharmaceutical research that rarely resulted in profitable drugs. Then the scientists at Glaxo Laboratories created a molecule they called ranitidine, and in 1978 the company was granted a US patent.

Why Are Nurses Quitting? Ask The Nurse No Hospital Will Hire.

In January 2022, 150 health-care workers piled into a Manhattan comedy club. Many hadn’t been inside an entertainment venue in nearly two years, and even now, their heads flashed with images of dystopian nightmare...

Study Finds New Treatment To Prevent Cavities Is Easier, More Effective

Cavities may no longer cause holes in your teeth, or burn one in your pocket. While dental sealants have always been the preferred method to reduce the risk of cavities forming, a study has shown there’s a new technique that’s just as effective — as well as more accessible and cost-effective.

She Thought Anxiety And Drinking Made Her Ill. The Truth Was Scarier.

When Brandie Boyd Meyer arrived at work and told her assistant she had a splitting headache, and after she seemed unsteady and took several breaks in her company’s “wellness room,” her closest colleagues concluded that the Dallas health-care executive’s drinking had spiraled out of control.

Study: Unvaccinated More Likely To Have Heart Attack, Stroke After Covid

A bout of COVID-19 is known to increase a person's long-term risks of having a major cardiovascular event, such as a heart attack or stroke. But being fully vaccinated or even partially vaccinated appears to bring that risk down, according to a study published this week.