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Why Nurses Say They Are Striking And Quitting In Droves

More than 7,000 union nurses went on strike in New York City this past week over concerns about understaffing and patient care. Workplace tensions are boiling over around the country this winter.

RSV Recedes And Flu Peaks As A New Covid Variant Shoots 'Up Like A Rocket'

As the new year begins and the depths of winter approach, U.S. infectious disease experts monitoring the "tripledemic" stew of viruses that have been plaguing the country say there's good news — and bad.

A Nurse’s Heart-Wrenching Encounter With Newborn Going Through Withdrawal

I always knew my work schedule, but this time I got it wrong … or maybe I got it right. I clocked in and reported to the ICU for my night shift to start, but I wasn’t on the schedule.

More Young Americans Are Dying, But Not From Vaccines

What the mortality data show is that, first of all, something has been killing American young people in sharply rising numbers lately. The 2021 mortality rate for those 15 to 34 was the highest since since 1973, and for those 25 to 34, it was the highest since 1950.

Nursing Exam Pass Rates Dropped in Recent Years. Why?

The share of candidates who pass the licensure exam to work as a registered nurse has significantly dropped in recent years, and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) -- the regulator tasked with overseeing the exams -- has no plans to make it any easier.

The Reality Of CPR: A Powerful Tool With Serious Consequences

The shocking scene that unfolded during the Bills-Bengals game Monday evening was a play that I’ve seen countless times on a very different stage. Yet as a medical professional, watching Damar Hamlin’s on-field cardiac arrest was unexpectedly jarring.

Nursing Student's 'Muscle Strain' Turned Out To Be Stage-Four Cancer

Alix Maitland, 20, felt no other unusual symptoms when she was given the heartbreaking news last November. A nursing student has been diagnosed with stage-four cancer after finding a pea-sized lump in her neck.