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'Indentured Servitude': Nurses Hit With Hefty Debt When Trying To Leave Hospitals

When Jacqui Rum quit her nursing job at Los Robles Regional Medical Center last fall over the heavy workload and low staffing levels, it came with a high price — a $2,000 bill from her former employer for training costs.

Nurses Aren't 'Quiet Quitters,' 2 Leaders Say

"Quiet quitting" is a phrase employers have become familiar with over the past year. The workplace trend of committing to no more than the minimum expectations for a role and reducing enthusiasm at work has implications for any industry, but the stakes are especially high in healthcare, where patients' safety could be at risk.

Report: People Happier During Pandemic Due To Kindness

COVID-19 has killed millions and caused widespread disruptions to people's lives and global economies — but a major new study finds people are slightly happier than before the pandemic began.

29-Year-Old Travel Nurse Seized A Chance To Make $187,000 And Only Work 9 Months A Year: It’s ‘A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity’

In 2020, while working as a staff nurse at a hospital in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Aspen Tucker came across a job posting for a travel nurse.

Short-Staffed & Covid-Battered, Us Hospitals Are Hiring More Foreign Nurses

Before Mary Venus was offered a nursing job at a hospital in Billings, Mont., she'd never heard of Billings or visited the United States. A native of the Philippines, she researched her prospective move via the internet, set aside her angst about the cold Montana winters and took the job, sight unseen.

Healthcare Executive Charged With Fixing Nurse Wages

A federal grand jury in Las Vegas returned an indictment yesterday charging a health care staffing executive with conspiring to fix the wages of Las Vegas nurses, in violation of the Sherman Act.

The Harvard Diet May Be The Standard For Living A Long & Healthy Life

Back in 2011, nutrition experts at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health worked alongside researchers at Harvard Health Publications to compile an eating plan for optimal health.

Nurse’s Whistle Of Hopelessness: A Tale Of A Dangerous Workplace With No Safety Measures

I finally found time after retirement to clean out my nurse’s book bag. It contained items such as a stethoscope, extra playing cards for patients, highlighters, various pens, a penlight, a notebook with important phone numbers throughout the health care system, tourniquets for IVs, and a plastic whistle.