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Hospitals Are Using Debt To Trap Nurses On The Job

Many nurses are paying a high price for fleeing jobs they thought were unsafe or intolerable. After graduating from a Denver nursing school in 2016, Neil Rudis knew the real training wouldn’t start until his first job—ideally in acute care at a Level 1 trauma center treating the sickest and most injured patients.

How To Time Your Covid, RSV And Flu Vaccines To Avoid ‘Tripledemic’

Americans will have more reasons to roll up their sleeves this fall as vaccines are available for three respiratory viruses that typically overwhelm hospitals and kill thousands of people annually.

I Was A NICU Nurse And Developed OCD Due To Intense Pressure

Shannon McPeek was a nurse in the NICU who was devoted to the patients she cared for. But the fear of making a mistake became an obsession. She developed OCD to "handle" the stress.

The Importance Of “I Statements” In Health Care Settings

Three nurses are at the nurses’ station. Two are talking about managing a patient’s pain, and a third, Donna, is reviewing a patient’s lab results and finding it difficult to concentrate.

These Are 2023's Top Schools For An Undergraduate Nursing Degree

For those looking to pursue a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree, Duke University and the University of Pennsylvania were tied as the top places to do so.

Lucy Letby Expert Witness Fears Nurse Killed Three More Babies And Tried To Harm Up To 15 More

Fresh fears that Lucy Letby murdered three more babies and tried to harm up to 15 more have been raised by an expert witness at the nurse’s trial.

Five Plead Guilty To Fraud In Florida Nursing-School Racket

Five people who collaborated with a Fort Lauderdale nursing school at the center of a diploma-mill racket that sold fake degrees to thousands of students in South Florida, Texas and New York pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge in federal court Friday.