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Autopsy Study Links Prostate Cancer To Single Rogue Cell

One cell...one initial set of genetic changes - that's all it takes to begin a series of events that lead to metastatic cancer.  Now, Johns Hopkins experts have tracked how the cancer process began in 33 men with prostate cancer who died of the disease. 

Sleep Problems May Up Suicide Risk, Study Finds

People who suffer chronic sleep problems are more likely to think about suicide or actually try to kill themselves, researchers said. The more types of sleep disturbances a person had -- such as waking up too early, difficulty falling asleep or lying awake at night -- upped the odds of suicidal thoughts...

New Research Highlights New Way To Kill Super Bugs

A new technique using proteins to guide a drug to target superbugs such as MRSA much more accurately than previous methods, researchers said. Laboratory experiments showed that the technique was 1,000 times more effective at killing methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria than using the same drug without the proteins to home in on the infections, they said.

Hospital Services Vary Widely Across U.S.

The supply of doctors and hospital beds varies wildly across the United States and often has nothing to do with how much care patients want or need. Affluent communities tend to have too many doctors, the survey showed -- in part because physicians tend to settle near the large teaching hospitals where they trained.

Many Suicidal Men Had Problems In Childhood: Study

Teenage and young adult men who make serious suicide attempts often had emotional problems at age 8, while most suicidal women succumb to depressions that develop after puberty, Finnish researchers said. Nearly four out of five suicidal men tracked in a study in Finland had exhibited problems as 8-year-olds that were evident to their teachers or parents.


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