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Trigger for Brain Plasticity identified

Researchers have long sought a factor that can trigger the brain's ability to learn - and perhaps recapture the "sponge-like" quality of childhood.

Cancer: Getting the Big Picture

Genetic profiling is providing a new slant on cancer. In the July issue of Genome Biology, researchers in the Informatics Program (CHIP) at Children's Hospital Boston showed that cancers can be divided into three distinct groups ...

Research May Lead to New Therapeutic Approaches to Chronic Pain

The first-ever functional brain imaging study of chronic pain conducted in children, done by researchers at Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital and Children's Hospital Boston, has shed new light on a mysterious condition known as complex regional pain syndrome ...

Rao Lab Finds Key to T Cell's Shifting Proteome

When immune T cells encounter the enemy-a virus, bacteria or other foreign invader-they transform from a state of quiet readiness to fully armed fighters.

XDR-TB Can Be Cured, Study Finds

The death sentence that too often accompanies a diagnosis of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) can be commuted if an individualized outpatient therapy program is followed


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