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A Stronger Middle Is A Safer Back

Nurses are among the lucky few who utilize heart, mind, and muscle in equal professional proportion. Our jobs are inherently physical - we are rolling our patients over, helping them stand, or supporting them as they attempt ambulation. Whether pulling stretchers or hauling equipment, we almost expect a certain amount of back strain, despite an awareness of proper body mechanics.

Clinical Update: The Importance of Routine Screening for Domestic Violence

Isabelle Jeanjot, Patricia Barlow, and Serge Rosenberg's recently published article in the Journal of Women's Health highlights the alarming prevalence of intimate partner violence in pregnancy. According to their literature review, between 3 and 17 percent of pregnant women suffer from domestic violence.

The Invisible Cure: Africa, the West, and the Fight against AIDS

As nurses, few of us encounter HIV/AIDS in the routine course of our clinical lives, and yet we are so very aware of the staggering toll it exacts. Americans have become almost numbly accustomed to images of emaciated children, flies swarming around their crusty eyes, flashing at us from the evening news.

Month Five

I catch myself fantasizing about the cherry blossoms now blooming in New Haven's Wooster Square, about the music I wish I could download to my broken beyond repair ipod, and about a certain pair of sexy heels collecting dust in my a cardboard box in my parents' basement.

Learning To Say "I'm Sorry"

About two years ago, I accidentally gave a Depo-Provera shot to a teenager with sickle cell disease. When I shared this piece of information with a friend, an emergency room nurse...


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