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One of the great things about nursing is its diversity.  There is truly something for everyone in this profession; Once you've been in it awhile you also begin to know that there is also something for every stage of a single nurse's career as well; In nursing, you can literally take yourself anywhere you want to go.

Dealing with the Difficult Patient

As nurses, we are in the business of caring and healing.  We pride ourselves on our ability to see the needs of others and help; But, let's face it; there are some patients that you will find it hard to have empathy for; We need to maintain a non-judgmental, attentive manner for every patient, but when their behavior is intimidating, threatening, or time consuming that can be easier said than done.

Getting to Know Resusci Anne

Do you remember the first time you were introduced to Resusci Anne? You might have even been too nervous to notice much about this doll that would become your career-long friend. Were you busy trying to remember what to say?

Laughing It Off

It's inevitable; We've all got them; a collection of humorous and sometimes gruesome events that tickle our funny bone every time we remember them; Many of us are grateful for those little giggles; they balance out all of the grief and stress associated with nursing.

Questions Your Patients Should Always Ask (and you should answer before they do)

It's common sense and professional, still in our busy schedules many of us forget to include our patients in the most basic aspects of their care; In doing so, we lose an opportunity to build trust and confidence regarding our care.


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