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Two Gene Mutations Linked to Most Common Brain Cancers

Scientists at Duke University Medical Center and the Kimmel Cancer Center have linked mutations in two genes, IDH1 and IDH2, to nearly three-quarters of several of the most common types of brain cancers known as gliomas.

Retired National Football League Linemen Have High Incidence of Sleep Apnea

Sleep disordered breathing, also known as sleep apnea, is highly prevalent among retired National Football League (NFL) players, and particularly in linemen, according to Mayo Clinic research.

Broccoli May Help Protect Against Respiratory Conditions Like Asthma

Here's another reason to eat your broccoli: researchers report that a naturally occurring compound found in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables may help protect against respiratory inflammation that causes conditions like asthma...

Study Finds TV Viewing Before the Age of 2 Has No Cognitive Benefit

A longitudinal study of infants from birth to age 3 showed TV viewing before the age of 2 does not improve a child's language and visual motor skills, according to research conducted at Harvard Medical School and Children's Hospital of Boston.

How Legendary 98 Year Old Coach John Wooden Stays Young

John Wooden, at age 98, in many ways has the memory of a 60-year-old, according to UCLAassistant professor of psychology Alan Castel, who interviewed the legendary former UCLA basketball coach at length about aging and his memory at Wooden's home last summer.


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