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FDA Cracks Down on Fraudulent Cancer Cures

We all have patients who are vulnerable to miracle cures. Some credit vitamin supplements with the disappearance of suspicious breast masses. Others believe herbal tea labels that promise to promote bone or prostate health.

Weakening economy propels finance workers toward nursing

Buckling under the heavy weight of college loans and lured by the promise of six figure salaries, droves of young professionals steered their careers in the direction of Wall Street.

Good news for night nurses: New staffing strategy promises better back-up

Nurses know the reality of the night shift. That nights and weekend hours claim increased rates of medical errors, complications, and patient deaths is neither surprising nor mysterious to them: there are too few healthcare workers, and those who are on duty are often overworked and exhausted.

Does nursing require critical thinking?

I had planned to write an article about when, why, and how nurses should challenge doctors

School nursing is no walk in the park: Budget cuts leave some school nurses overwhelmed

Most of us have a few presumptions about the easy life of a school nurse. We think about enviable hours and summers off. After all, we reason, how hard can it be to dispense band-aids, Tylenol, ice packs, and hugs?


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