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Be Nice! Says a New Joint Commission Alert

On July 9, 2008, the Joint Commission, a well-respected professional body tasked with accrediting US health care facilities, issued a new Sentinel Event Alert. Unlike its usual fare of infection prevention guidelines and medication administration regulations, this alert ventured into new territory: caregivers

Is There A Nurse Onboard? The Reality Of In-Flight Medicine

Several weeks ago I found myself onboard a KLM aircraft flying from Amsterdam to Hartford, anticipating the usual sequence of pleasantly dull activities that occupy a six hour confinement inside coach.

How Your Vote Could Affect the Country

As the November presidential election approaches, Americans weigh the merits of Barack Obama versus John McCain. They form preferences based on innumerable and sometimes inscrutable rationales. Some Americans will vote along party lines. Others will vote according to economic issues, stances on abortion, or the war in Iraq.

Nursing, In a Dozen Different Languages

Yesterday, a friend of mine who works as a primary care physician at a large community clinic in Brockton, Massachusetts, told me something interesting. Of the 15 clients who sought his services on that ordinary Monday, none were English speakers. Most of his patients brought family members along with them to their visits.

A Simple List Can Save Lives

In the delivery of HIV/AIDS care in sub-Saharan Africa, clinicians, nurses, and counselors execute their work via checklists. The generation of dozens of these checklists - photocopied, laminated, and displayed prominently on caregivers


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