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Study: Global Excess Deaths Due To Pandemic Are 3 Times Higher Than Official Covid Toll

The number of people worldwide who died because of the pandemic in its first two years may total more than 18 million, according to a sobering study released Thursday.

Why Some Nurses Face Over 6 Months In 'Licensing Limbo'

Even as hospitals across the country struggle with staffing shortages, many nurses are prevented from entering the workforce due to licensing delays—which can sometimes stretch for months.

Study: Even Mild Covid Cases May Be Causing Accelerated Brain Shrinkage

Even mild cases of COVID-19 can cause brain shrinkage and an accelerated reduction of gray matter, a new study has found.

How Do We Explain The End-Of-Life Rally?

Granny Rachel, my husband’s mother, was an old country soul. She was a simple lady who loved the Lord. She accepted me with open arms when my own parents turned their backs on me.

Covid-19 Hospitalizations Are Down, But Nurse Shortages Stretch Hospitals

Louise Dobbins thought her job would feel less like being an air-traffic controller by now. But finding beds for patients in an overcrowded healthcare system is as hard as ever, she says.

Here's How To Get Free Antiviral Medicine If You Test Positive For Covid-19

The rollout of the US government's Covid-19 test-to-treat program is underway, with in-pharmacy clinics ordering shipments of Covid-19 antiviral medications and some locations expecting to offer the service within days.

Despite Fluctuating Pandemic Pay, Stress And Fear, Some Nurses Shift Gears To Stay ‘Loyal’ To Field

As the coronavirus pandemic enters year three, some nurses opt for jobs that allow more autonomy — such as travel nursing — and offer higher pay, while others choose new gigs in hospitals — for less pay — to try to manage the stress and exhaustion they’ve experienced since 2020.

CDC Details Deadly Lavender Aromatherapy Outbreak

While the lavender-scented spritz from Walmart might have seemed the furthest thing from exotic, the Burkholderia pseudomallei bacteria inside sparked a deadly melioidosis outbreak that CDC scientists highlighted as a reason to watch for unexpected infections.

In A Kyiv Hospital, Children Pay The Price Of Russia’s Invasion

Krystyna Krayevska came to Kyiv from Poland, where she normally lives and works, for her niece Darynka’s sixth birthday in January. A few days later, Darynka was diagnosed with a brain tumor and, after complications following surgery, now lies on life support in Ukraine’s largest children’s hospital, Okhmatdyt.